Bundled & Wrapped


Originally uploaded by SOFennell

So, finally, last weekend, I wrapped the “magic cloth” in a closely matching furoshiki and delivered it to my niece and her fiancé. They liked it. That was the beginning to a brief but very full weekend of family events and celebrations. While it centered on my niece’s wedding, it was also a family reunion. Some of us had not seen each other for 12 years. This was the case with me and my younger brother, who lives in Oregon with his family. Then again, our mother’s 84th birthday fell on the same weekend, so of course, that was celebrated as well. The few evenings we had together went very late and were full of storytelling and laughter. It was refreshing and made it all the more difficult to focus on the things that need it (classroom) on my return home. I’m still in that mode.



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