Contemplating the classroom

Now that one of the main, or perhaps the main family event is past, I need to re-focus on the rest of the year.   Up until yesterday, I was hoping and assuming that someone would follow in my footsteps and take over my job next year.  I’ve learned that it’s not the case and that the program will shut down.  It saddens me, but at least it has nothing to do with my leaving.  It’s the result of this difficult economy and the effects it’s having on our school system.  Faculty and programs are being trimmed.  If I hadn’t turned in my resignation, I would be “trimmed (pruned?)” as well.  However things are, what I’m turning over in my mind is the approach to take with my students for the rest of the year.

My level ones are being deprived (at least some) of a chance for a second year.   My “two’s” are in their last year.   They’re working on that 2nd year credit.  Up until now, one of my concerns was that they had to be “up to snuff” for their upcoming college years.  For a few it is, however, it feels like I need to let go of that and encourage some personal exploration, even more so than before.  I’m thinking of it as our “last blast” and not worrying too much (anymore) about answering to the different programs (ie. IB, the Japan Foundation,  NCDPI, etc.) that I mentally bowed to.  Rather than stick completely to the curriculum, I think we’ll make a few departures.


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