Mystery Drawings


Originally uploaded by SOFennell

Some mornings when I enter my classroom I’m greeted by a collection of small drawings on the whiteboard. I know who’s been there the afternoon or evening before….Beth’s little munchkins. I love it. I never know what I’ll find and it’s a delightful beginning to the day. I become more interested in that image than the lessons I”m supposed to be teaching. It’s kind of what happened on Friday.

When I walked in, there it was. So I dropped everything, pulled out my camera and started shooting. I knew I’d be using the board that day, but decided to work around it rather than erase it. I wondered what the students would think and if there would be comments. There really were none. I had to probe, even then, it was the J1s who responded. They commented that it looked like a stained glass house.


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