New vocabulary: オバマ/Obama

オバマは 見えますか。Obama wa miemasuka? Can you see Obama?

I “happened” by this blog today and the  drawing reminded me of todays’ class topic. I finally showed my students the Inaugural  news clips from NHK.   So we looked at the language and expressions related to the topic. They learned to read and write words like ‘オバマ(Obama), 大統領だいとうりょうdaitouryou (president) and しゅうにん/shuunin/inauguration. Of course, they were already familiar with the “English version,” but, I wanted them to see and hear it in Japanese (not to mention the perspective). I think it gives them a realistic exposure to the language, but they don’t always warm up to it and today was one of those days where some were intrigued and listening while others were distracted and in their own worlds. I don’t want to rely too much on the visual as they get so much of that, and this is as close as we can get to being there.


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