Moving forward


When I made my decision to quit teaching Japanese early this past fall, my thinking was that the administration would have plenty of time to look for a replacement.  That was my hope.  When I ran into one of the administrators in the hallway recently, he’d just found out about my situation and he informed me that they weren’t really looking (he didn’t know where to look apparently-at least that was the message that came across).   So, I told him I would put the message out in a certain community and I did just that today.  Things came together much faster and better than I anticipated.  It appears I’ve found my replacement. If it isn’t, there is a “pool” of people to draw from apparently, so the program will continue.

I went to a Japanese teachers meeting this morning and found a lot of support.   Also another place to market my “goods” has opened up.   That was the added exciting bonus. Since then I’ve just been absorbing these ideas, planning, laying out some goals and making lists.   My head’s been spinning a little.

I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend and the extra time it has offered.  The last 2 days have slipped by far too quickly and  I feel like I’ve got to use the rest wisely and carefully.   I did spend Saturday cleaning and organizing (as well as could be done for the present) in my “studio” area.  It was time well spent and I felt better for it. Still,  I didn’t do all I wanted and  its been cold outside.  Some of us know that the cosy indoors is conducive to needle & thread activity- it’s what I had in mind, so I think that’s next.


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