I would be writing more, but I’ve had a virus since the New Year and it has rather laid me low.  I’m also back in class though, and am prepping again for a workshop at the end of the week.  I also  have a lot I want to share here, so I have to be patient with myself.

I mentioned my interest in Sashiko earlier, I’ve had a peripheral interest in it, but have never really had the time to commit to it.  However a show on crafting (on NHK, of course) revived my interest.

I thought that sashiko was used for quilting, but it’s also an embroidery technique, I’ve just learned.  The image of the doll above is from the NHK show and is part of a larger piece.  They called it sashiko even though it’s used to fill in the images, not outline them.  What also interested me was that the pieces being shown were not the traditional white on blue traditional patterns.  This was a much freer interpretation.


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