My own “Nenga”

09 Nengajo 1

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I did it. Well, at least it’s a first imperfect attempt. I wanted it to be postcard size and it’s a little outside those dimensions. It’s a first though, a beginning and I had to get over that hurdle. For the background I used a piece of rust and indigo dyed cotton. I played with a little sashiko, and did a little sumi-e. On the left it says, しあわせ(shiawase), happiness、 and on the right are the kanji for 牛年・うしどし(Ushi Doshi), year of the ox.

It’s the only textile project I managed over the break. Sadly, it is nearly over and I’m back in classes soon. I’ve been grading papers and preparing lessons over these last few days. The topic is, of course, the Japanese New Year and I have some video on the topic. The NHK newscasts have been my best resource. I’m interested in seeing their reactions.


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2 Responses to “My own “Nenga””

  1. jan in nagasaki Says:

    happy new year!!!

    kotoshi mo, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!!

    I love your card!!! great colors!!!

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