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Once again, I’ve been on the road with my fish this week. This time, I’m in Wendell. It’s roughly a half hour drive when the traffic is good. I make a point of leaving early to avoid heavy traffic. I’ve been arriving a good hour or more early some days and it has afforded me time to take short walks with some picture taking. I’ve found it a refreshing way to begin the day especially when the world is still waking up. The countryside is wonderfully still that time of day.

Of course, once the students arrive, the intensity begins. I tend to talk too much in the beginning as there’s a lot of information to give and then I also give a short demo. It’s an area that I feel needs some work. Sometimes I teach a little vocabulary, a few greetings, topical vocabulary along with the cultural explanation.The students work quickly, too quickly for my taste, as I want them to enjoy the process.

Before I know it they’re finished, ready to clean up and move on. I’m seeing four classes a day at this school.

It goes without saying that the regular art room teacher is also there to give aid, support and many other things that are needed to keep things moving smoothly. He knows his students and has his expectations. On the whole, I think it’s going well.


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