Iki wa yoi yoi, kaeri wa kowai…

Kagoshima playmates

Kagoshima playmates

行きは よいよい、帰りは こわい。。。
Iki wa yoi yoi, kaeri wa kowai…
Going is fine, but the return is scary…

Not only did we make Nengajo in class recently, but we tackled a favorite and long lost (but not really forgotten) song from my own childhood: Tōyranse. I remember singing and playing the “game” with my neighborhood playmates in Kagoshima (this was a long time ago in a faraway place). It was like London Bridge but with a different tune. It sounded more like a sing-song chant (to me) and I never knew what it meant until recently when I ran across No-Sword’s blog on the topic. So, I dug deeper, found a music file on it, copied it to CD, shared some of the blog and other relevant information with my students, and we sang it. They thought it was eerie, but seemed to enjoy it nevertheless.


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