Have Fish….


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Preparing for a Gyotaku workshop is different every time. I’m trying to find ways to make it faster and easier to do. This time, instead of using the serger, I used pinking shears. I bought a new pair that seems to work better, at least until they get dull. It did cut back on time.

Situations also change. In the last couple of workshops, I’ve been in the art room, so the students came to me, which was convenient and easy. This time, I’m going to each classroom, so I’m creating “class kits” with the hachi maki, brushes and palettes. The paint, fish and fabric markers will be separate. I’ve also got to figure out how to conveniently pack and carry this material. Then there’s the time factor in the actual lesson to think about. I have to allow time for cleaning, packing and moving on to the next class. I’m seeing four 2nd grade classes, all in just a morning. I should be finished by noon. I’m thinking: Have Fish, Will Travel.

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