Some Winston-Salem Exhibits


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Yesterday I went to Winston-Salem with a few from my fiberarts group. Our first stop after an early lunch, was Piedmont Craftsmen on Trade St. They had a collection of pottery, jewelry, small quilts and of course scarves and other art-to-wear items which we examined closely. Across the street was the Fiber Company where “the 6 partners endeavor to bring together quality handcrafted items for you and your home.” They had handwoven garments, vintage haori, michiyuki scarves, jewelry and garments in shibori. It was also a studio so there were looms in the back half of the store. We thoroughly enjoyed our explorations there. After that we found a small coffee shop that had several large handmade quilts on exhibit. We didn’t stop for coffee at that point, but I did take a few pictures. From there we went on to SECCA.

SECAA had a large collection of contemporary quilts that used digital imagery as part of the process. While I didn’t necessarily warm up to everything I saw, I was impressed with the skill and technology that went into engineering these pieces. Among my favorites were pieces by Sue Benner, Dorothy Caldwell and Michael James. Other exhibitors were Nancy Crow (she was the main event, actually), Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Eleanor McCain and Ellen Oppenheimer. I also note that in viewing their biographies, quite of few of these artists have been influenced by the Japanese or Asia in some way and reference it in their work.

We finally looked at the photography exhibit by Dutch artist Erin Olaf which was a curious mix of images that referenced the Dutch Baroque to Norman Rockwell.  Some images were elegant while others were simply bizarre.


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