秋の 葉・Aki No Ha

秋の 葉・Aki No Ha

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It rained all day yesterday and I was restless. I couldn’t concentrate on my lessons at all, so I escaped to my garden for a short while. The colors won’t last.

I paid for my inattention today. My lessons lacked spark, probably due to fatigue (I stayed up late watching the election returns). Also, I’m sure I’m affected by other elements as well: it’s the last time I’ll teach this material, as far as I know. This month’s teaching schedule is thin and it’s just how things fell. Still, I won’t be meeting with my students much so I feel distanced from it. They feel it too. I’m also mentally distracted by or attracted to the new possibilities coming around the corner. I’d rather be in the studio.

雨垂れも / あめたれも Ame tare mo  / The dripping rain

音も / おとも   Oto mo  / also the sound

年とった / としとった  / Toshi totta / grown older

山頭火 / さんとうか (by) Santouka


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