Fake Yanagi

Fake Yanagi

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I’m not quite sure what to call this pattern. The reference is yanagi, but that is a much more specific or tightly controlled technique. This is obviously much more random, mimicking what my students do (and I love their results!). It is shibori though.

At any rate, this is one of the items I’m showing in the art fest this weekend. It begins tonight. It feels like I will never stop preparing for it as those small tasks to make things go just right are endless. I keep thinking next year I’ll go one better. I did do that just a little this year, but didn’t fulfill all of my goals. It is said that one should go slowly.

I’ve enjoyed the process though, the shopping for additional “fixtures” and other goodies along the way. I found some new tools for new work coming up and cannot wait to use them.


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One Response to “Fake Yanagi”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    good luck at your show! there is always room for improvement it seems…..and i’ve been doing shows for 30+ years. each one is different and often circumstances change. the thing is to take it one show at a time and be open and flexible-don’t sweat the small stuff and adjust when needed.
    i’m in houston at the moment- dead tired and one more day (1 of 5) to go.

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