Serging Hachi maki

I’m finishing the stringy edges of 135 hachi maki for an upcoming workshop.  This time I’m using my new serger.  I discovered rolled edges yesterday and thought it might make a nice finish as compared to pinking. Pinking would be far more practical except that those Olfa blades dull far too quickly and cutting that many pieces with pinking sheers is out of the question.  I’m not sure my hands would tolerate it.  Serging seems like an extravagant finish for a project of this kind, but those long threads are gone and the students will appreciate it in the end, I think. At the last school where I provided them, the kids found the threads really annoying.

On the other hand, I’m getting acquainted with my serger. I’ve had it for a while and am slowly getting used to it. It took a while to get warmed up to it. The big hurdle was learning how to thread it. Ultimately, it was no big deal. I like the finished edges. It’s so much better than what I can do on my regular sewing machine. I’ve only made one finished garment with it so far, a hand dyed skirt (for myself) and I like the results, even though there are some imperfections.

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