Itsuki Hiroshi – Furusato

Aaaah, dare ni mo, furusato ga aru.

Aaah, everyone’s got a hometown.

At least, that’s the gist I think. Itsuki Hiroshi croons his enka like a Japanese Frank Sinatra.  The song is Furusato, Hometown, and in it he simply lists hometown imagery:  the nearby festival (matsuri), white blooming flowers, the green valley, his sister with red strawberries and other images.  It’s an old song. Off hand I don’t know the year it was released, but I know it isn’t current, neither is Itsuki.  The song was used (and he also had an appearance) in the recent asa dora (morning drama) Chiritotechin.  It’s not the kind of music I would normally find appealing, but this particular song has stuck (and I think Enka is growing on me).  I like it and attempted to share it with my students last week.  Even though I’ve sung it at home, I found it difficult to do at school (even with Itsuki behind us on the telly). Ultimately, it’s a difficult tune and I need more practice.  We found it a challenge, but it made for an entertaining warm up.

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