Machine stitching on furoshiki

Today I stitch. Something had to, has to give. I’ve spent most of my “free” time with things related to teaching this week. That would make sense, except that I only teach part-time, so I’m protective of that “other” time. The thing is, it goes not only into prep but also in follow up and grade analysis and anything else required to produce successful students. This year “they” are asking us to be even more diligent as the numbers we graduated last year fell. So, we have to make sure that our students are passing and that seems to be the school’s responsibility (or teachers?). I have a lot of questions about this. My (and my collegues) concern is about learning, so I try to best of my ability, to find ways to help my students learn better so that they will , in the end, perform better. Theoretically that’s the idea, I think. Also, I give them every chance to re-take quizzes, tests and other work when they fall below the mark. In the end, the process can be exhausting or at least extremely time-consuming. One day I spent time analyzing grades and re-creating oral quizzes on paper so that when the large number of students who had signed up could take them timely and conveniently. I went in to school early to copy them off and waited for students to arrive. Only 3 trickled in. Later, I called parents to follow up with those students who hadn’t come in. I could only reach two, as many phone numbers were not in service or had changed. I have a lot of questions about all of this. A thing that comes to mind is written on an IB poster in my classroom that states clearly that learning is the student’s responsibility. I wonder what the implications to that simple statement are. So, today, I’d rather sit, stitch and “meditate” on other things, if I can.


4 Responses to “Stitching”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    it seems like such a struggle to teach these days. so many different expectations. multitudes of distractions for the students. not enough slow time to take it all in. our district here in long beach has the highest number of foreign languages spoken at home in the whole US. just another thing to consider and account for. teachers are pulled in so many directions these days- often in directions that go against their core beliefs about what good teaching is all about.

  2. whereishenow Says:

    where did you get such cool furoshiki???

  3. sofennell Says:

    I make them! And then I sell them on ETSY!

  4. sofennell Says:

    Shiborigirl, I don’t know how those who teach full time do it at all. I am in awe.

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