Copyright and other issues

We know it happens all the time.  I borrow images too, but not for profit or to bring attention to my own products.  At least I hope not.  If I am, please don’t hesitate give me a nudge.  I’ve been aware that other sites have used and are currently using some of my furoshiki images in their galleries to promote their products.  While I’m flattered to a degree, it’s deceptive to their customers, not to mention an infringement of copyright.  I’ve written to the owners of both these sites and hope they’ll remove my images. Shibori Girl has run into the same situation (see her blog on the topic).


2 Responses to “Copyright and other issues”

  1. jude Says:

    this is such a problem. i am amazed how often i hear about it happening. i guess the internet has really expanded the issue…

  2. sofennell Says:

    It really has and it’s difficult to keep it from happening. It’s so easy to borrow, copy, or…plagiarize and we see this a lot in the classroom. On the other hand, I love the easy access to information. I’m someone who likes to research.

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