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Gyotaku hanging

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There were many things that saved my sanity at the end of last week, when I wished I had something in front of my foot to kick. We all have those kinds of days. I also strongly dislike having my time wasted. However that may be, my first day “back in the saddle” went smoothly and was fun. It was good to see my former students and to be working with them again. Then again, this new class seems promising. It looks like a class of congenial young folks.

The hanging is made of pieces I had the kids print up so that we could have a large piece representing the class. I had my doubts about some, but the experience of finishing their edges and putting them in a finished form made me appreciate their work all the more. I particularly came to appreciate the piece in the middle that I thought was so over painted. As I worked with it, it became my favorite.

I’ve got just bits and pieces today. I enjoyed teaching my students a little song I picked up from NHK last year and used at the end of the year. I realized how well it would work earlier. It’s a simple thing and wish I could sing it for you (maybe it’s a good thing I can’t!). I do sing in class. Anyway the words are:

おちゃを のみに きてください。  Ocha o nomi ni kite kudasai. Won’t you come have tea with me?

はい、こんにちわ。 Hai, konnichiwa. Yes, hello.

いろいろ おせわになりました。 Iroiro o sewa ni narimashita. You’ve been so kind/been a good host.

はい、さようなら。 Hai, sayoonara. Yes, good-bye.

It’s a kids song, called a warabe uta, a new term for me, that I understand to mean a song from childhood basically. It’s also a little chant used with a game like ring-around-the-rosie.

Another thing that came to my attention over the weekend is a story in the News & Observer, called Ahmed’s War. This artist first came to my attention through Dick Gordon’s The Story on NPR. I didn’t expect to see him in the Sunday paper many months later.

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