Red Herring Puppets

Red Herring Puppets

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I was rubbing elbows with some auspicious folks yesterday at the Artist in the Schools Arts Fest. My “neighbor” was Red Herring, Inc.and I enjoyed talking with them and watching them work. I was also taken with costuming and dress there, so made a point of taking pictures this year.

I took in samples of shibori and images from workshops and residencies but still felt like I could have done more. It didn’t deter people talking to me though, and I had more attention this year than last. I wasn’t at all disappointed. With the few residencies I had last year plus working in my own school, I was quite busy.

Attending this festival (for me) really marks the beginning of a new school year and new possibilities (another form of New Year!). Sadly, though, it also marks the end of summer, those activities (though not completely!) and those special sounds, those of the cicada. By the time June rolls around each year, I’m looking forward to their loud whine. So, as we are still in Risshu, I think of this well-known haiku by Basho:

やがて死ぬ/ Yagate shinu/ Soon to die

けしきは見えず/ Keshiki wa miezu / not knowing it

蝉の声/ Semi no koe/ the cicada’s sound (cry).


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One Response to “Red Herring Puppets”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    perfect haiku for end of summer. i sure do miss the semi

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