View from the left

From the left

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I’ve been viewing and reviewing over these last couple of days, preparing for the Artists in the Schools Festival on Saturday. I’m creating a slide show of images on my small Acer laptop or notebook (not sure what they call it). It’ll be a handy way to carry my “portfolio” and I want to avoid loading up with binders and such with printed images. Anyway, it has been months since I’ve looked at these images. Putting them away for a while has been a good thing.

Back in my own art school days, teachers used to say it was sometimes beneficial to put away a drawing or painting for a while, then come back to it later. It’s the same idea. In reviewing my students’ work I’ve been affirmed. I like what they’ve done over this past year. I love looking at their work, it’s refreshing and it helps me to look forward to whatever is ahead. Right now, I need a little of that. I’m very critical of my work and that includes my teaching. I’m also feeling the push and pull of it. I’ve enjoyed my summer break but it wasn’t near long enough. I did explore and accomplish a few things I wanted, but not completely. I feel like I barely got started actually.


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