My son, a printmaker, is having his first solo show just in time for the August First Friday events coming up. He is needless to say, very excited about it, but typically (like the rest of us), he has put off framing his pieces until the last minute. So, last night we worked together to frame a large piece (mat size was 38” x 48”). I hoped he was going to do all of his on his own, but I had a funny feeling I was going to be in on this. When I was much younger I’d worked for a framer and his specialty was prints. So, it was a bit of a déjà vu and then again, surprising to find myself working with and sharing these skills with my son. It was a lot of fun (also a lot of work). Of course, he “broke the rules” by finding already made frames earlier that “might work” rather than our creating each frame to the piece. Last night was a bit of a nail biter for just that reason, but it worked and we were surprised and pleased with the results. Personally though, I can’t wait until the show is hung.


1. I don’t like working with glass like this, it makes me uncomfortable.

2. I really don’t enjoy cutting mats. It’s precise and if it isn’t done right, it simply has to be redone.

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