This week and last I’ve been (apart from the shibori & dyeing) writing family a lot about my great-uncle, V. E. Pyles. Another thing, is that Comic-Con is just around the corner (beginning next week) out in San Diego. Usually, I wouldn’t pay any attention to things like that except for the local Anime Convention in my area. I also, like so many kids in this country, grew up with comic books. I did read Superman, Batman, Little Lulu and whatever else I could get my dad to buy at the grand central station in Tokyo on our yearly trek to Lake Nojiri. That train station was access to western things, especially comics. My dad couldn’t afford to buy many, so during the month that we spent at the lake, I’d visit other kids who had huge collections and we’d spend long rainy afternoons absorbed in them (even though we’d reread them hundreds of times). They were delicious times. I owe my delightful afternoons to the man who started it all: Major Malcolm Wheeler- Nicholson. He started New Fun Comics and much more. Nicholson was also a writer of Pulp Fiction. Among many stories that he wrote, one was illustrated by my great-uncle.

Next week, at Comic-Con, Major Wheeler-Nicholson is going to be celebrated along with the history of comic books and their making. Last week, Major Wheeler-Nicholson’s granddaughter got in touch with an interest in my great-uncle because of that small connection. The result has been a revival of interest in my uncle (among my family members). So, I’ve been in touch with my cousins again, not to mention my siblings and my mother. Stories have been passed around, I dug out an old photo album and scanned pictures, and also wrote a short biographical sketch. I feel like he has been thoroughly discussed. If it hadn’t been for this one little communication, it wouldn’t have happened.

At any rate, I thank the Wheeler-Nicholsons for helping to bring that about. I’ve enjoyed our communications and I wish the Wheeler-Nicholson family well and success at the Con. It looks like this is one not to be missed! OK, I wish I could be there too (is Neil Gaiman going to bet there?).

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