Lone Artist

Lone Artist

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This little girl waited patiently until finally, today I gave permission to paint or color in their kite images. The most difficult task for them was to make the frames, which included my having them draw up a grid on which they would place their dowel pieces. There were a lot of sticky fingers and it required a lot of patience from all of us to get past this point. It could have been asking them too much, to cut the patterned edges of their kite skins for final attachment today. They walked through it though and finished their pieces in good time. They had time leftover to play games or draw.

I’ve been teaching another “Mukashi” class at Artspace this summer. It’s only for this week. I wrap up my part tomorrow. We’ve started every class with a folktale or part of one, or a story relating to topic. I think they’ve enjoyed it. I would have thrown in a song or two, but the class next door (we’re separated only by canvas curtains) was one in cut glass mosaics. There was a lot of grinding, cutting and pounding so that aspect of things seemed unwise. Apart from that, the students put their focus on their tasks and seem pleased with their results.


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