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Yesterday was marked by more festivity for my fiber art group. One in our group had an important birthday, so we celebrated by having a workday, which is one of our favorite activities. It was more of a paper making workshop with other activities combined (quilting, bookmaking, shibori, archiving, etc.). This was my first experience in making paper and I was surprised to see just how easy it is. I’ll definitely try this at home.

I’ve been a part of this group for seven years now and we seem to be still going strong. I don’t think any of us has consulted any rule book or site about making a group like this work. I think we’ve been fortunate. We have lost members, people have come and gone and that’s in the nature of things. For me, it’s been a rich and rewarding experience. I probably would not be doing some of the things I am if it were not for this group. I’ve had good support from all members and I’ve learned a lot about fibers along the way.

Yesterday was one of those teaching/learning experiences. We all have different skills and experiences and from time to time we share and do a “workshop” with the group. We usually start in the morning, bring lunches and work late into the afternoon. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but so much fun! After our afternoon of paper making (which slowed down due to afternoon thunderstorms), we topped off the evening with our birthday party. We had a good meal where everyone contributed something: wine, cheeses, salads, homemade bread, chili and several desserts. The conversations, stories and laughter continued late into the evening.


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