Goals and Homemade Bread

Farmer’s Market Peaches

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This last weekend I completed one of my summer goals: to bake homemade bread.
I’m a bread baker. I love kneading the dough and the yeasty fragrance while it’s rising. Of course, the proof is in the eating. I like that too. I wish I could say that my recipes come from my grandmother, but they don’t. I rely on Fleishmann’s yeast cookbooks which I think can still be ordered with the little envelopes of their yeast. My paperback book is old, torn and has spots of oil and dough all over it. I’ve misplaced it a few times and when it’s gone, I’m frantic. I think bread baking is one of those things I feel like I have to do, like art. It’s a necessity.

I learned the love of bread from my mother who would often make the dough on a Saturday, putting the dough to rise on our gas heater (old fashioned). The smell of yeast would fill the house of course, and sometimes she would let us punch it down or poke it to see if it was ready for the next stage. She’d turn it into cinnamon buns and bake it for Sunday morning breakfast. It was a Christmas morning treat as well. I do the same at Christmas.

So, summer is here and I’m wanting to fill it with things I’ve been planning and dreaming of all year. Baking is one of them, baking bread, specifically. The accompanying link has only one difference between it and the one I use. It lacks the 1T. of sugar that’s printed in my little book.


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