Code Red

Smoke in downtown RaleighThis image was on the front page of this morning’s N&O, with a statement saying we were on red alert (pollution levels). Apparently we were yesterday (Thurs.) as well. It was a lot hazier and the air was full of smoke all day. The smoke from the wildfires in Eastern NC came through the area. Needless to say, it cast a pall over the city. I was at school, finishing up and saying good-bye to faculty friends for the summer. By evening it seemed to be clearing, but the alert was still on for today, so I didn’t take my usual morning walk at Shelley and stayed in.

So, it was a good day to begin my first official day of vacation. I started thinking more seriously about my class on kite making at Artspace coming up in less than two weeks. It will be a much smaller class than last year’s, so I’m feeling relaxed about it. I do have to gather a few supplies though and need to prepare them. Since I was indoors today, I spent time at the sewing machine finishing up a few “blank canvases” (actually furoshiki) to ready them for shibori and dyeing. I think indigo will be the color.

If all goes well, the air will be clearer tomorrow and I can take my walk.


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