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The moon? It is a griffin’s egg,
Hatching to-morrow night.

No, not quite, but those lines by Vachel Lindsay came to mind in my wait for these little moths to hatch. Something about those yellow cocoons…well, two hatched yesterday and three more did today. They’ve also mated and laid eggs. Beth said each moth can lay up to 100 eggs. I counted 39 cocoons, which equals 39 moths and how many eggs potentially? Obviously, I won’t keep them all. I’ll save only a few, as I’m still concerned about this aspect of food.

However, a friend has found two mulberry trees in her neighborhood. They sell weeping, fruitless types at a local nursery (if push comes to shove). I feel like I just don’t have space, but these don’t grow that large.

So, the next obvious step is to start harvesting the eggs (quickly before they hatch) and store them away in a jar or plastic bag in the ‘fridge (not the freezer). They’ll incubate there for about 9 months. Then, I begin the cycle again.

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