Far from Home

Hung Liu
The real days of teaching are over for the year. They ended today, really, at least for me, mentally. Actually I have a couple more days with my students plus 2 days of exams. Today, though we ended the last unit and I think “we” are all relieved. So, obviously, there are still those end of year assessments to wind up and that includes one on myself. I need to fill out a form describing my past year and to describe my plans for the next one. I don’t like doing these things. I feel like most of it is a foregone conclusion anyway. I basically teach the same material every year and I wonder who really reads these. But, as I was pondering my assignment, it occurred to me that there was something at the NCMA (North Carolina Museum of Art) that might work.

The current exhibit, “Far from Home” has been on view since February and I still haven’t seen it. I think it’s time. The above image attracted me months ago, not to mention the title of the exhibit. There are blogs and artist information I’ve been reading for background and anything else I might connect to. I don’t always do this, but this topic intrigues me. Then I realized it would lend itself to some of the areas I’ll be teaching my level 2s next year. It has possibilities. So, there’s the future, I just have to recap the past.


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