Kite Dreams

Kite Dreams

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

These kites must have been my first foray into surface design. I was doing an independent study at Meredith College, trying to maintain studies there while teaching Japanese. My instructor was collaborating with the 3D design teacher in one of her classes, so these pieces were the result.

What I remember is that I had to have a project and I was running out of time. I think I was lacking in inspiration as well, feeling desperate with my inability to create and teach at the same time. In the end, this little collection wound up being part of a student exhibition in the administration building.

Much later, when applying for United Arts and pondering the different things I could teach kids, this was one idea that a friend suggested and I’ve been building on that idea since.

This particular piece is made up of page sized kites that loosely referenced Edo kites. Each piece was manipulated in some way with a different kind of surface design. Some were dyed, then stamped or stenciled. Others had different types of photo transfer including printing by computer. Two others were shibori.

When I teach it I use paper and the students make fairly traditional looking Edo kites. I suppose one of these days I may have to try it with textiles.


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