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Last weekend I got together with my critique group for a day of relaxation and play. We meet monthly, but this was to celebrate the many things that happen in the spring, like children’s graduation, birthdays, new jobs and other good things. So we met at a friend’s house, ate outside on the deck, ate salad, homemade bread and other good treats from the kitchen.

The day started though, with a couple of my friends wanting to try on and model the jackets I’ve finally completed. They’ll be showing in an instructor’s exhibit (for Artspace) this next week. I’d decided in the process of making them that no matter what they looked like, they were my submission. And there is nothing like seeing someone else wearing what you’ve made. I had fun taking the pictures and I can’t wait until they are finally on display.


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One Response to “Celebration”

  1. glennis Says:

    what a nice event! i could use a critique group here! like the blue shibori.
    just fyi- if you want to get rid of the possibly related posts feature you can turn it off via your dashboard. ask me if you need help or you can look in the forums. i disliked it immensely for my own blog and turned it off.

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