The day started with a 2 mile walk around Lake Lynn. I’ve been walking almost daily for some time now. So this is getting to be routine. Today was a change of scene though at a different nearby lake. The day was warm, the geese, turtles and butterflies were sunning. All in all it made for a good day to dye (things). That is to say, a good day for hanging things outdoors on the line.

After lunch, I got the dye pot (or vat) going in my garage. The actual dyeing hardly took any time at all. It was a good strong vat. The green was brilliant when I pulled the pieces out of the pot. I started with a shirt for myself (just to test the results), then I did the jacket.


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I’ve been working on this piece for some time. I’d made a series of jacket blanks at least 2 years ago, maybe more. I’ve been slowly doing imagery in shibori on them, then dyeing them mostly in indigo. I’ve sold a few. This one though is a little different. I first dyed it in a rust colored dye, did some shibori, then overdyed it in indigo. I didn’t know how deep a color I wanted, just taking it a dip at a time. I decided not to go too deep so that the rust and the color variations between the 2 colors would show.

It’s still drying and will be for the rest of the evening. I won’t give it a good wash until tomorrow, so I really won’t see the true results until then. Even so, the ironing also brings out wonderful patterns.

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2 Responses to “Indigo”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    that looks like a great dark blue! what kind of indigo are you using? I have been using the “instant” indigo from ProChem. look forward to seeing it opened up!!

  2. sofennell Says:

    I use the same thing and also from ProChem. It was dark when it was wet, but once it dried and I washed out the excess, it lightened up considerably. I dipped it only twice (usually I do more for deeper results) as I didn’t want to completely cover the rust beneath. That aspect worked well except that the rust came out more of gold. The blues came out looking almost dull. I’d use the word “shibui” as the colors seem so diminished (I’ve gotten used to bold and bright). It’s different from any of my other jackets. It was an experiment and I’ll be hanging it in a show in early June, so I’m working to get it finished and some decent photos of it.

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