Shibori Landscapes


Originally uploaded by SOFennell

We’re calling it “Shibori Landscapes” and I think we’re nearly there. Yesterday when I dropped by school, the real aato sensei had her students out measuring the area where these pieces will hang – in the student courtyard, or the small courtyard (I don’t know what they call it). There is also a smaller inner brick courtyard. In the end, who knows how it will come out, but it looks like some will be strung from 2nd story windows and across the yard. The kids love their pieces, it’s obvious. Some were “wearing” them again yesterday.

It’s a good springtime project as it will take the students outdoors and at this point, anything to get out of the classroom is a good thing (for all of us). That’s what I should have done before having my students write their haiku yesterday. I thought it was going to be a challenging assignment, but they wrote them up in a few seconds flat. I was disappointed, because so many came out sounding the same. It’s also reflects this time of year and their perspectives. Things are winding down and they aren’t taking any of it at all seriously anymore. We still have a few miles to go and a final exam.



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