Wabi Sabi

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One of my classroom topics last week and this was Wabi Sabi, that intimate moment when you encounter nature, a piece of art or an ordinary object you may see on a daily basis that gives you a sense of transience. It’s more than that. Leonard Koren discusses it in depth in his book on the topic. To put it in a nutshell, as I did today, it’s “the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.”…”things modest and humble” and “things unconventional.”

We went from this idea into a short look at haiku and then quickly before the bell rang you know what I assigned for homework. But before all of that happened, we also looked at a couple of haiku, one from Basho and the other a Buson. The one that I found particularly appropriate for the day was the one by Buson:

春雨や Harusame ya

物語り行く Monogatari yuku

蓑と 傘 Mino to kasa

I think there are various ways to translate this one.

Spring rain

talking and walking (or telling stories and talking) go

raincoat & umbrella (which refer to a man dressed in an old straw raincoat and woman with an umbrella)

It’s been an off and on rainy day today and the images just seemed to suit.


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One Response to “Wabi Sabi”

  1. Flo Says:

    Thanks for the haikus accompanied by their hiragana and translation. Memorizing them ties the pronunciation into it’s meaning and kanji. This poem is very calming. If you hadn’t posted it, maybe I wouldn’t have come across it.

    It seems you haven’t posted in a long time. 4 years.

    Jaa, mata.

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