Shibori workshop-in class

Fuchsias & Reds

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I get carried away with the camera when I see newly dyed fabric out on the line. Yesterday was a particularly beautiful day and there was a strong breeze which helped them to dry quickly. There were 40 pieces (roughly) and I only had 3 lines strung. So, I hung them 20 at a time. By the time the first batch was hung, the first pieces were dry and it was time to get more up on the line.

It’s all student work with a couple of sensei pieces as well, but they all blend in. I love the work the kids do, it’s so uninhibited. One girl described it as “sick” which is defined as good!

Today I took the pieces to class for a discussion and evaluation. We still haven’t come to the final part of the project yet and I’m not going to divulge that until the right time. Anyway, we distributed the pieces so the kids could look at and enjoy them. They wound up wrapping themselves up in them in as many ways as they could think of. They loved their work. My camera batteries died, so I couldn’t get shots of this, but it was funny to see…scarves around their necks, headwraps, shawls, blankets or hoods. At the end of class, however, they had to part with them for the next stage – hemming and putting in a casing.

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3 Responses to “Shibori workshop-in class”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    i look forward to someday having a class with kids where we get to do this much shibori on an ongoing basis. really great! and don’t ask me how or why but i just found your blog for the first time today!

  2. shiborigirl Says:

    meant to ask- are they silk? what dyes are you using in your classes?

  3. sofennell Says:

    I just found your comments! Still learning how to do all of this. Anyway, to answer your question. No, they are very inexpensive cotton muslin and we used Procion dyes. I look forward to the day we use indigo.

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