Ito de – by thread

There are a lot of sites and blogs using the word “shibori” and I didn’t want to be redundant. I also, to be honest, couldn’t come up with a new twist on it. After all, the concept is beyond 400 years old, it’s pre-history actually. But, it does seem that everything I’m doing artistically has to do with threads or fibers. Ito (糸) means thread, yarn or string. Woven threads, cloth, is nuno (布). I considered naming this blog Hari to Ito de which means “by needle and thread,” but it was a mouthful. However, those are the predominant tools I use when doing shibori.

Some expressions using ito:

「糸のような雨」 Ito no you na ame. Thin rain/Threadlike rain.

すべての 文化には 何本かの 共通するが 通っている。 Subeto no bunka ni wa nanimoto ka no kyoutsuu suru ito ga kayotteiru. Some common threads run through all cultures.


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